Motto: Nothing will touch your heart unless it comes from your heart ……

First of all, it is about creativity. Every company is special at something and every company has its goals and products. But what do they all have in common? They all want to give their customers and partners the best, even when communicating with them. And what does one remember best? And what does one remember best? WHAT THEY REALLY EXPERIENCE.

That’s why we always care and prepare a tailor-made creative concept.

Art Director Ivonne Beck has been working in show business for over 20 years as a creative and director. She specializes in spectacular and atypical shows, product presentations and performances around the world 


Ivonne Beck

Ivonne Beck has been dedicating herself to directing and creative work in show business for over 20 years.

She specializes in original shows, atypical product presentations and extraordinary/imaginative artistic performances.
In 1996, she founded the successful ACT ART agency in Munich, whose clients included a number of world-famous brands. She has participated in a number of international projects.
Now she has established close cooperation with XACT Agency and is engaged in creative processing of stock and event programme.